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Glenora Civics

Glenora Civics Committee

The role of the Glenora Civics Committee is to update the community with relevant information on developments, bylaws and urban planning in the Glenora neighbourhood.

This page will post updates and links for more information on issues that may have an effect on the structure and future of our neighbourhood.

To speak to a member of the committee with any questions, concerns or to join our next meeting, please email

Edmonton District Plan

The Glenora Community League has taken a neutral stance on civics matters in our neighbourhood until recently. Development and city densification is important, however, we are concerned that densification for the sake of densification, without thoughtful planning will result in catastrophic impacts on the neighbourhood of Glenora. 


Our Civics Committee Volunteers are working hard to share information to the community on the proposed District Plans through social media, our newsletter and many of the members of our board trying to raise awareness on this topic. 

We have reached out with this letter to councillors on the urban planning committee Andrew Knack, Tim Cartmell, Anne Stevenson, Erin Rutherford and Keren Tang requesting to meet with the civics committee and discuss how Glenora can work with council and city administration for continued public engagement & collaboration past the December 1, 2023 deadline. 

Members of the GCL will be speaking at the Urban Planning Committee next week.

Glenora District Plan.png

Infill Development

As our neighbourhood grows larger, we must be aware of how the interests of developers and the City of Edmonton impact our infrastructure. 

Smarter Infill Edmonton is a group of concerned citizens who support balanced and sustainable infill redevelopment.

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