Redevelopment of the Community League

Glenora Rink News (December 13, 2020):

Many of you may be wondering why the ice making at our community league rink is not underway.  To first provide some background, a sub-committee of the Board is currently working on redevelopment plans for the outdoor facilities of the rink, tennis and basketball courts, in addition to examining the possibility to add some new outdoor recreational features.  A survey was sent out to the community this past August, and feedback showed strong support for redeveloping the existing outdoor features, with the outdoor skating rink ranking the highest, followed by tennis, basketball, pickleball, a picnic area, a community garden area, and a fitness area. 

This past summer, the sub-committee hired the services of a geotechnical firm and a landscape architect as part of pre-work required for the development of a concept plan.  The results of the work revealed significant drainage issues related to the land surrounding the community league building, including the existing rink area.   Given these issues, it was determined that operating the rink without first rectifying the drainage issues would pose significant risk of damage to the community league building.  As such, the Glenora Community League Board was left with the very difficult decision to close the rink for the 2020/2021 winter season.

The sub-committee has been working diligently these past few months with the landscape architect to develop the concept plan, with the goal to initiate construction in the spring of 2021.  Addressing the drainage issues will need to be carried out first and foremost, and prioritization thereafter will be based on order of importance, as noted in the August community survey, and affordability. 

While the overall cost is still being finalized, a significant amount of fundraising will be required over the course of the next two months.  A minimum fundraising goal of $200,000 will likely secure funding for the drainage and rink; however, high level estimates put the maximum fundraising goal at $600,000 in order to fund the full scope of the concept plan.  We are in critical need of people to drive the fundraising effort within the community, and we will not be able to proceed without more help.  If you are interested in helping to support fundraising, please send an email to

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Glenora Community League Board

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