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Redevelopment of the Community League


What We have done:


Phase 1:  Drainage and Hockey Rink/Basketball


  • Outdoor Hockey Rink

  • In addition to completely renovating this space, a cement base was included adding functionality for the space in the summer months.  

  • Basketball Courts

  • Installed six basketball nets around the rink to be used in summer months



Phase 2: Tennis & Pickleball Courts, Fencing Replacement


  • Tennis Courts

  • Most of the work to upgrade the tennis courts area included structural work (i.e. excavation and backfill). Other elements completed include:  

  • Repaired the surface and fence

  • Replaced the poles, nets and lights

  • Pickleball Courts created

Phase 3:  Community Garden (Glenora Gardens) and Fitness Area

Completed in August 2023

What We have planned:

Phase 4: Renovation of Glenora Community League Building

Goal for Completion - TBD

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