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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Brad Colcy - President

 I joined the Community League Board as the Sports Director in December 2018. As a user of the facility it was an easy decision to get involved. I took interest in the Community Redevelopment project, and I joined up with that committee as well. It is an exciting time within the community as it is on the cusp of an extensive revitalization project. In the early 1900’s, the Edmonton Tree Planting Committee and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues created boulevards and planted trees to beautify the growing community. It feels like a privilege to live in a neighbourhood where many of these trees exist today, and they are a hallmark of the Glenora Community. I look forward to continuing to work with the Redevelopment Committee to enhance these features and create a space that builds on the beautification of our neighbourhood that can be enjoyed for centuries to come. 

VIce President - Kathy Gregg

Bio to follow....


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