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About the Glenora Community League



Hall Rental



Updated February 2020

The Glenora Community League has diligently been working with the City of Edmonton since

March 2018 to develop a revitalization plan for the Glenora Community Centre outdoor space.

The project will be well supported by grant based funding and the League’s established equity.

The current scope of the project includes:

- a new ice rink with poured concrete flooring, outfitted with UV stabilized polyurethane


- relocation of basketball courts to newly resurfaced rink

- revitalization of existing tennis courts

- addition of three pickle ball courts

- addition of an active recreation space with soft poured recycled rubber flooring

- calisthenic based fitness stations, benches and tables

- a green space consisting of fruit trees, garden boxes and planters

- a long, integrated “all wheel skate path”

o this will have features that are versatile and integrate seamlessly into

surrounding park features


As the revitalization process evolves, continued community engagement and support will

determine the final design and viability of the project.

The primary goal of the Redevelopment Committee is to develop a multi-generational,

inclusive, accessible and alternative outdoor space. The vision is to provide a space that

supports diversity and inclusion, and supports all users in a friendly, safe and esthetically

appealing environment.

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